Our areas of excellence

Design and mechanical analysis

The CRITT Mechanical Engineering & Composite Materials is an engineering office for design and structural calculations. Our staff consists of dedicated professionals in areas such as product development and design of parts and testing devices. Also, we can be able to the fields of mechanical analysis and numerical analysis of structural parts. We use regularly the specific skills of partner laboratories researchers  in order to understand complex mechanism. We work in :

  • Mechanical design of industrial prototypes and testing devices.
  • Numerical calculations of homogeneous and composite material structures.
  • Linear and nonlinear static analysis, dynamic analysis, eigenvalue analysis, contact, ...

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Composite materials

We are an experience and an excellence widely recognised for several years in design, development and processing of composite material parts.We can help you to :

  • Design, manufacturing and repair of composite material parts.
  • Manufacturing process development.Composite materials integration to replace existing metallic parts or assemblies.
  • RTM process and liquid moulding simulation.
  • Counselling and assistance to choose the best solution : materials, process, ...

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Characterisation and testings

The CRITT Mechanical Engineering & Composite Materials may make available to you their technical means and human resource in order to make your testings and analysis. We will thus be able to define intrinsic properties of materials, to validate prototypes, to check field performance levels of parts and assemblies. We conduct :

  • Mechanical testings (compression, tension, flexure, shear, …) at low and high temperatures.
  • Dynamic testings with electrodynamic shaker.
  • Fatigue and endurance tests.
  • Testings on specific devices.
  • Physico-chemical analysis of polymers and composite materials.
  • Physical ageing (humidity, temperature, UV).

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Control, metrology and microscopy

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers ensure the quality control, the inspection and the measurement of your parts. They can perform :

  • Non destructive testings of metallic or composite material parts (ultrasound phased-array, infrared thermography, Digital X-ray and tomography and  liquid penetrant testing).
  • Dimensionnal and geometrical measuring of parts.
  • 3D scanning of parts and assemblies.
  • Microscopic inspections of materials.

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The CRITT for Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials is an approved training organisation, with the University Paul Sabatier agreement number 73 31P 00 1631. It plans for SMEs some theoretical and practical training courses in the fields of :

  • Manufacturing of composite material parts.
  • Repairing of composite material structures.
  • Predimensioning of composite material parts.
  • Geometrical product specification in mechanical engineering.
  • Non destructive testings initiation.
  • Mechanical engineering.

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